6 Jun

Tips for First Time Leaders

Accept that you still have much to learn

You will have worked hard for your promotion and have a lot of experience in your chosen field, but you may find that you lack self-confidence in your ability to lead. Be prepared to learn from other, including your new team.

Communicate clearly

Always keep your team fully informed of project goals, priorities, and those all-important deadlines. Effective communication will be essential in both establishing your credibility and gaining support of your team, so be sure to provide clear direction and always welcome questions and feedback from others.

Encourage feedback

Sometimes employees are unwilling to speak up about certain issues unless they are prompted. Canvas for opinions on issues such as support, training, and resources while maintaining an ‘open door’ policy so that your team knows you are willing to listen to their concerns and ideas as well as help and provide solutions to any problems.

Set a good example

Demand from yourself the same level of professionalism and dedication that you expect from others. If you expect the team to be upbeat and friendly, then make sure that you are. If you expect written reports to be error free, then double check your work as well.

Offer recognition

By publicly recognizing the efforts and achievements of your team, you not only build up their confidence, but also encourage future contributions and effort. Praise does not always have to be formal – praising can be part of the day-to-day communication with your team.

Create environment of constant learning and development

This includes yourself. Encourage your team to explore new methods for reaching their individual goals and those set by the company. Allow them to make-and learn from-mistakes and be sure to reward new and innovative ideas.

Be patient with yourself

Developing strong managerial skills takes time – especially as you adjust to your new position. Seek guidance from colleagues, your line manager, or your professional network when you need it. In doing so you will enhance you leadership abilities and make strides toward becoming a great manager.

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